About Puresa Humanitarian

24 February 2014 | 0 comments

Puresa Humanitarian is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to providing rescue, hope, and a way out of slavery for children and women, victims and survivors of human trafficking and sexual slavery. Puresa Humanitarian was born from a God-given vision and passion to reach and help suffering victims to receive rescue, hope, restoration, dignity and opportunity for a new life of freedom.

Puresa Humanitarian’s mission is to Rescue Lives and provide A Way Out Of Slavery.

This is how we provide A Way Out Of Slavery:

  • We reach poverty stricken and destitute children, women, and families in their villages providing prevention counseling and educating the at risk families and individuals on the dangers and behaviors used by traffickers.
  • We provide a safe home for at risk children so these children won’t be forced or tricked to leave home for jobs in the city.
  • We rescue children from being forced to work in brothels and on the streets.
  • We offer a safe home with a loving atmosphere and complete aftercare to help free them from a life of forced prostitution and enslavement.
  • We provide skills training for rescued women which creates self-sustainability and opportunity for a future of independence.

Puresa Humanitarian’s work is based in India, reaching Indian and Nepali children and women who are trapped in trafficking situations throughout the city, remote villages, borders of it’s neighboring Nepal through which 15,000 + young girls are sold and lost into India yearly, and the brothels. Puresa has established work in this region where so many children, teens, and young women are easy targets for human traffickers. Puresa Humanitarian goes where few dare to tread to rescue victims and survivors, give healing support, and create new pathways in life for them.

Please Join Us and Be Part of the Solution… joining together to help break the cycle of human exploitation and sexual slavery.



* Over 1 million children are sold into sexual slavery each year, that is 2 children every minute.

* 50 percent of victims in the global sex industry are children.

* Human trafficking is an estimated $39 billion a year global industry.

* A human life should never be for sale.

* Giselle Meza, founder of Puresa Humanitarian personally works on the field helping and serving these innocent victims. When she is not on the field Giselle is at work speaking and educating the public nationally within the USA and locally within her community on human trafficking and creating awareness about this global epidemic. Giselle is active at educating and preventing through speaking at schools, local churches, women’s conferences, and youth groups, and has been featured on the local news, radio broadcasting, and magazines.

* Your donations are tax deductible..