Our Movement

Human Trafficking

  • Human Trafficking for the purpose of commercial exploitation has tragically exploded into a Global Epidemic.
  • Human Trafficking is an estimated $39 billion a year global industry and is the fastest growing and most profitable criminal activity.
  • Globalization has facilitated the transport of human cargo and sexual services across international borders.
  • Women and children around the world are vulnerable to trafficking because of poverty and lack of opportunity. Thousands are made vulnerable by dire economic circumstances. Others have a desire for a better life and are falsely told trafficking can help.
  • Currently, there are approximately 27 million people enslaved throughout the world with 2.5 million located right here in the United States.

Trafficked Children

  • Every two minutes a child from the United States is trafficked for the purpose of human exploitation.
  • The average age of sex trafficking victims is 12 years old.
  • Estimated percentage of global sex trade industry victims are 50% children.
  • Overall, an estimated 1 million minors are currently enslaved in the global commercial sex trade. The growing demand for younger victims is fueled by those engaged in “sex-tourism.”
  • 100,000 American children are being used as commodities For Sale or Trade across the nation.
  • Each year more than 15,000 Nepali little girls are kidnapped or sold and taken across the border into India to be forced into a life of prostitution.

Human Trafficking is Modern Day Slavery!

  • Sex-trafficking is one of the darkest atrocities of our day.
  • Estimates of women and children trafficked across international borders each year range from 800,000 to 4 Million.
  • Throughout Asia, more than 300,000 Nepali women are trapped in a life of forced prostitution.
  • A high percentage of women trapped in sexual-slavery in India have been trafficked from poverty-stricken villages in Nepal.
  • Having their own economic sustainability helps diminish their risk of re-victimization, and helps break the cycle of human exploitation and modern day slavery. A human life should never be for sale!