Our Story


Above images: Giselle Meza had a successful modeling career before she founded Puresa Humanitarian.

Traveling around the world extensively to over 58 countries on high profile fashion assignments as a top model based out of Paris and New York, Giselle Meza was exposed to the injustice of sexual slavery happening globally to women and children.

After witnessing with her own eyes the horrific epidemic of Human Trafficking happening around the world, Giselle was moved with compassion for these victims and felt led to urgently bring rescue, help, and hope to their lives.

In 2005 while on a personal mission’s trip to India, Giselle witnessed first hand the horrors faced by these innocent victims of sexual slavery as she saw them trapped in brothels and in bondage situations where the victims could not get out. The trapped victims were innocent children at tender ages as well as young girls, teenagers, and women who had been sold and tricked into this life of servitude which they could not escape.

392147_2059276256134_1671494018_1473604_1509605630_nThere was an urgent need to rescue these women and children from this atrocity and to provide a safe home with complete care for the children and opportunity for the women, to save them from this flesh trade of sexual slavery which is ultimately a death sentence to them.

Out of a God-given vision and a passion to make a difference and save these innocent lives, Giselle founded Puresa Humanitarian, a non-profit 501c3 charitable humanitarian organization in order to provide a tangible solution and a realistic rescue for victims of Human Trafficking, with the mission to rescue and save lives and to provide a loving and safe home with complete after care for the children, education and prevention programs, as well as opportunity for self-sustainability and economic independence for the rescued women to help diminish their risk of re-victimization and help break the cycle of human exploitation and modern day slavery.

Puresa Humanitarian offers rescue and a way out of slavery by providing:

  • A safe home for rescued children in a loving atmosphere providing complete care for them including a warm bed and home, food, clean water, medical care, education, clothes, counseling, and prayer.
  • Prevention and Rescue Programs – These awareness programs are aimed at prevention by educating villagers about Human Trafficking and how traffickers trick and lure innocent victims, women, and their children. The majority of these villagers are uneducated and impoverished, two vulnerable qualities that traffickers look for and exploit.
  • Puresa Humanitarian also provides skills training which allows opportunity for self-sustainability and independence through employment to rescued women. Since 2007 Puresa Humanitarian has been creating sustainable employment through the manufacturing of hand made, natural and fashionable products.
  • Our organization operates and mobilizes in order to support the continued assistance needed for these survivors to achieve a new life full of hope, restoration, dignity, independence and freedom.

DSC_0238Giselle Meza’s personal life experiences as a child; a Human Trafficking victim and survivor herself, tricked & trafficked at the age of 14 years old when she moved to the US from Costa Rica, escaped and survived, have fueled her passion and devotion for her humanitarian work and created a very personal life-long mission to help rescue and restore innocent children and women around the world who have been exploited, trafficked, and enslaved.

Giselle knows that only by God’s Grace was she able to escape and survive. She has dedicated her life through Puresa Humanitarian to reaching, rescuing, and creating new pathways and a way out from slavery that other victims and survivors may now have hope and a future and live the life that God intended for them.